Turn Down the Volume of the Television – March 17th, 2014

When one of your family members suffers from hearing loss, it can really be a challenge for the rest of the family to adjust. No longer are you having simple conversations in the house, it becomes a shouting match between trying to reach the person and them shouting back. When someone has difficulty with their hearing they need to make certain that the television is at the highest setting in order to enjoy their favorite programming.

This means the rest of the house has to endure that blaring sound that vibrates through walls and into each room of the house. Take back control of the television and your home by taking them to a physician to check out several different types of hearing aids Stockport available today. These units are extremely small and are easily hidden inside the ear where they are extremely difficult to detect. Turn down that television and get back to living a normal life again.

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How Tiny Stones Can Transform Your Yard – March 11th, 2014

One of the most common ways to landscape around trees and plants in the yard is to add a color mulch to the ground. The problem that this presents is that over time the sun quickly fades the mulch and leaves it looking weathered and old. Severe wind storm can cause the mulch to be blown around the yard too. One of the better alternatives to mulch is pea gravel.

This unique tiny stone can easily change the entire look of your yard. They are perfect in any weather condition because not only will they not move no mater how windy the conditions, they will never fade from the sunlight either. They allow rain to drain right through them to the soil beneath, and will not cause flooded areas like areas of dirt will. The gravel can be placed around trees, bushes, gardens, and can even be used to create a small area for chairs and a table to be placed.

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Looking for Ike Turner – December 21st, 2013

After I finished getting NCR books, I was working the day shift out of San Marcos when the phone rang.

It was Adrienne. Yeah, Adrienne. Cool glass of water out of Ventura.

Adrienne. See. She got with Spence and they got themselves a little ole’ radio show. KVTA-AM1520. Ventura’s only drive-time talk news music and…

Well, you know the drill.

 Adrienne and Spence wanted Ike. Yeah. Ike. Ike Turner. You know Ike. Father of rock and roll. Had a little thing with Tina. Big guy with a big bass.

They wanted Ike to spice up the deal. Shake, rattle and roll some cages. Spill the beans. Tell it like it is.

Now, me. I seen Ike. Seen him around town, don’t you know. At the Panda Gardens. The Power Surge. Going down San Marcos Boulevard. East and West. But you know what. Hadn’t seen Ike for a dog’s age.

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A Valuable Friendship Wasted – December 4th, 2013

My friend just started modellen fotografie and she has seemingly had her nose in the air since she started. It is funny how when people get a sudden boost in their ego, they also get an even larger boost in their attitude towards others. I have tried numerous times to contact her about our weekly night out, but apparently she has bigger and better plans with the camera. Although I am happy that she is accomplishing her life long dream, I am also rather angry that she is turning her cheek to me. I never thought she would end up as rude as she has, but I guess nothing in life goes as planned. I am just hoping that she will realize how great our friendship is, sooner rather than later.

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Creating privacy for your outdoor play time – October 15th, 2013

Some parents, myself included, worry about allowing our kids outside to play alone. Even playing in the back garden, if you don’t have a wall or screen your kids can attract the attention of people who may want to harm them. That’s why my husband and I decided we were going to create a private and safe space for our kids to play. Away from the prying eyes of strangers. The use of green screensdid that for us in no time.

A green screen is nothing more than an instant hedge that can be purchased at many garden centers. We chose purple beech trees that we planted all the way around our back garden. We chose them tall enough to already give some privacy, but they had grown and thickened in just a few weeks that our kids were soon able to play outside in complete privacy and safety.

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